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Which Clan Type is Your Child?



Leo with pet.png

Led by Leonardo, Luminaries are the people of water, easygoing and reposeful, yet quick-witted and with a sense of humour. Luminaries make wise use of the power of water and embrace the fast-changing world with a peace of mind, not taking anything too seriously, yet excelling at what they do.



Musashi with pet.png

Just like their power, the Bushido clan members are down-to-earth and aspiring people who are gifted with the power of Earth. Their strong natural connection and trust with other creatures is fostered through years of genuine care, modelled by their clan leader, Musashi.



Zhu with pet.png

Excalibur is the clan of fire, with people and creatures as fiery and passionate as their power while also impressive in their strength and sensibility. Blissful and boisterous festivals are a common sight among the clan members, and even their busy leader Zhu would not miss them.



Abbi with pet.png

Voyagers are free-spirited and warm-hearted people who travel around Gaia to spread tales of wonder and comfort, carried away by the wind. They represent the element of air, founded by Abbi, whose compassion and courage represents the shared value of Voyagers.

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Parent Testimonials

Nrzalifah Abu

Parent of 3

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"Raising children is a tough task. After doing the test, I‘ve realized that every child in this world is different, and as parents, we need different strategies for different situations. Using the actionable insights from the test, my husband and I have been working together on improving those behaviors together in a fun yet goal-based exercises. Thank you once again @psychupedu for your wonderful insights."

Winnie Tham

Parent of 3

LevelUp - Team Photos (4).png

"Raising 3 kids is definitely difficult - having to understand the behavior of each one and figuring out what they need and want. These tests were really an eye-opener for me as they allowed me to get a closer look at their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passions. After doing the test, it became more apparent that each child is vastly different, and as parents, we need different strategies for different situations. The actionable insights from the test then helped me to come up with fresh ideas to engage and interact with my children. LevelUp is really a game-changer!"

Hitesh Kothari

Parent of 2

LevelUp - Team Photos (3).png

"These kid psychometric tests by @psychupedu were really an eye-opener for me as they allowed me to assess my 5-year-old son in a way that I had never thought about before taking this test. With the help of the LevelUp team, I now understand his strengths and weaknesses. Since learning about his ability to thrive in a group learning environment, I’ve been exploring more team-based sports with him, and he’s having a whole load of fun. Thank you team, LevelUp!"

Our Experienced Team

Patricia Vlad


30 Under 30 Educator

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Patricia has a BA and an MA in Education from the University of Cambridge and has worked in the education sector for 10 years. She specialises in educational psychology and technology integration into the classroom. Patricia has worked in the education industry in countries such as the UK, the UAE, and China. She is deeply passionate about bringing self-awareness  to learners of all ages.

Robert Williams

Psychometric Test Design Veteran

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Rob Williams has over 20 years of experience in bespoke psychometric test design and 10 years prior to this spent working for several of the UK’s leading test publishers. This includes working with companies such as IBM, OPP, and SHL. He is an author of five books on psychometric testing, and currently heads Rob Williams Assessment, whose team has worked on several projects for the European Union.

Cosmin Sofron

Industrial & Organisational Psychologist

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Cosmin is an I/O Psychology and HR consultant delivering custom-built Psychometrics, Strategic HR, and Learning & Development solutions to the education industry and beyond. With his detail-oriented mindset and meticulous work ethic, Cosmin fully supports a robust, evidence-based approach to work, that draws on behavioural science and cognitive psychology.

Nicole Tan



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Nicole has a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology. She is currently pursuing a professional career in Educational Psychology. As a former volunteer of NLB's KidsRead programme and a former intern at the Ministry of Education of Singapore, Nicole is passionate about education, and enjoys making learning fun for children.

Read: How A Personality Test For Kids And A Harvard Professor’s Advice Can Help Your Kids Succeed

All parents want their children to succeed while growing up, eventually becoming healthy and happy adults. What is less clear, however, is How to achieve this success. To answer this mystery, Ronald Ferguson, MIT-trained economist, along with journalist Tatsha Robertson have written “The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children”. This is a comprehensive treatise on parenting, involving studies on parents of some of the most successful individuals in the 21st century, including the mother of the CEOs of YouTube and the genetics company 23andMe. In this article, we unpack the eight parental roles that Ferguson and Robertson discovered. These form the formula for a master parents. To top it off, we explain how our Personality Test for Kids can give you the tools to make the most of these insights.

# #1 The Early Learning Partner

Described by Ferguson as the most important role of the 8, this role involves parents inculcating a sense of curiosity in their children.  According to Ferguson, parents who actively focus on developing this skill enable their children to become literate by the tender age of kindergarten. This builds into an “early lead effect”, whereby children respond strongly to the excitement of a teacher that they are able to read. 

The LevelUp Personality Test for Kids contains tips which describe the Learning Preferences of Children. This helps you as a parent achieve excellence as an Early Learning Partner for your kid. For example, some children respond better to learning within a group setting, while others tend to be more individualistic in their approach. 


# #2 The “Flight Engineer”

Like a “Flight Engineer”, parents must also be alert to their surroundings, constantly making adjustments to the environment of their children. There is a fine line to be struck here, however - - You don’t want to be a helicopter parent.  Ferguson describes these types as being “so involved in their children’s lives they don’t create space for them to develop independent relationships, learn how to negotiate for themselves, or identify their own interests.”

This is perhaps the most important way in which LevelUp’s Personality Test for Kids can be useful within Ferguson’s “master parent” framework. To avoid being a helicopter parent, the first step is to understand them. By way of the BIG FIVE framework of Personality, LevelUp’s Personality Test for Kids effectively tells you what your child’s natural Strengths and Growth Areas are. It  even adds in a “Tips for Carers” section! Armed with all this information, you’ll be able to calibrate your involvement to be just right. This means that you won’t overstep the boundaries and cut in where your children are comfortable and strong exploring for themselves. Instead you’ll be there in a pinch, when they need you the most. 


# #3 The “Fixer”

The role of the “Fixer” underlines a parent’s commitment to their child’s success - as a “Fixer”, you must snap up each and every opportunity for your child’s betterment in school and in life. You must  be willing to “walk through walls to get it”, as Ferguson describes it. This doesn’t mean that you need to be super rich. What matters is that you do your best with the resources that you have.

The LevelUp Personality Test for Kids is directly applicable in this respect. It helps you unlock your child’s hidden potential, and the best part is that you (and your kids!) won’t have to walk through any walls! To the contrary, it has been specifically designed for children and family fun. Instead of a tiresome and boring multiple choice questionnaire that typical personality tests involve, the LevelUp Personality Test for Kids is designed as a Story-Based adventure. This keeps your kids engaged in the magical world of Gaia, full of creatures and characters. It’s also a 100% free to try out, so what are you waiting for, Mr or Mrs Fixer?


# #4 The “Revealer”

As a “Revealer” you help expand your Child’s horizons of the world by revealing what is of beauty in it. Whether its the Mona-Lisa, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower or just the relaxing park or library nearby, all this requires is that you get creative in thinking up interesting things for your children to experience. 

The LevelUp Personality Test has been designed specifically for this purpose. This Personality Test for Kids is a Story-Based adventure that has been inspired by a diverse range of real-world geographies, historical characters. As such, it  will definitely add value to your child’s appreciation of the diverse things that our world has to offer. 


# #5 The “Philosopher”

One of the most difficult things in life is discovering a sense of purpose. Naturally then, part of your role as a Parent is a Philosophical one - to broach questions such as the meaning of life with your kid. An unexpected perk of playing this role for your kids is that sometimes, you’ll be surprised with the way that your child sees things, and the insights that it might bring into your own life! 

Ultimately, there is no one purpose that all must pursue. In all cases, it depends on the person doing the pursuing. Here, the LevelUp Personality Test for kids is uniquely placed to help not just you, but your little one learn more about him/herself. With this self-knowledge, you can then begin to have more effective conversations about these philosophical topics. 


# #6 The “Model”

All Parents know that they are role-models for their children. Part of being a role model is to be clear about what values you wish to pass on to your children. We’re all human, so living up to the position of role model isn’t easy. What makes this even more difficult is that values in life are essentially subjective - this means that there is bound to be disagreement between your child and you about what they ought to do, which is only natural. 

On this front, What the LevelUp Personality Test for Kids does is that it helps to show the values which your child is naturally inclined to. Whether it is deep introspection/extroverted friendliness or firm, steady resolve/endless questioning, there is no doubt that the LevelUp Personality Test for Kids will help you pre-empt these disagreements before they happen. They will also show you which values your kid will be able to pick up the easiest. 


# #7 The “Negotiator”

In life, you will be faced with adversity and conflict. The role of the “Negotiator’ imparts the value of self-respect for your child. This means  that in the face of a world that can be harsh at times, he is able to stand up for himself and what he believes in. Growing up, this can be difficult in the face of power and authority. 

The quicker that your child knows his/her unique traits, the easier it will be for him/her to effectively take a stance on different issues. This is where the results from the LevelUp Personality Test for Kids can be a really effective way for your child to reach success!


# #8 The “GPS Navigational Voice”

Like the open road, life is full of uncertain twists and turns - what do you do when you get lost? You need a GPS of course! This GPS, in turn, comes from the parents. Ferguson describes the “GPS Navigational Voice” as the parent’s voice in the child’s head when faced with new and unfamiliar situations in life. Part of inculcating this effective GPS in your child, is what Ferguson calls “the burn”, or the determination to be a great parent. His research on successful parents reveals that every single parent had a vision of the kind of person that they wanted their children to become. 


Once again, the question of who you want your child to become is tied up with the question of who your child is, as a matter of nature. There is no one-size fits all approach, and every healthy family recognises that in the course of raising their children. The LevelUp Personality Test for Kids not only helps you understand your child at the psychological level, which will help you craft a vision for him/her - it also gives you tips and tricks for helping this visioN become a reality!

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